Online Reputation Management: What You Need to Know

What is Online Reputation Management?

When someone looks you up on Google or social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, what is their first impression? Social media and search engines have a large influence over what people think about you, how they treat you, and your future opportunities. Online Reputation Management is the process of managing these opinions to build a good impression for others to see when they look you up on social media or search engines. When someone looks you up on Google or social media, what is their first impression? Here’s our take on online reputation management and what you need to know.

Online reputation management can be useful in a variety of ways. It can help you advance your career by producing excellent results, as well as help you build your brand. A good reputation increases sales lead and guarantees more business for your firm. Here are some ideas on how to develop an effective internet presence.

  • Get recommendations
  • Make use of social media
  • Monitor what others say about you online
  • Maintain a positive online presence
  • Have clear branding messages across all your content
  • Be consistent with your messaging and tone

We just love positive feedback! But what if some terrible ones?

When a Negative Review Appears, What to Do?

There are plenty of ways to handle the situation. Negative reviews would lead to people thinking that your company is no good and will avoid it in the future. However, you should not respond back too quickly or aggressively because this might cause further injury to your reputation.

You can’t always take the first step when it comes to dealing with any kind of online reputation management crisis, but as time goes on, there are things you can do to mitigate the damage.

You can drown out the bad stuff with good content

Show your potential customers that you are more than just a few bad reviews. You can also check to see if the review violates any user policies by reporting it.

Start an online conversation

Clear the air, talk to people who have left negative feedback, but do not allow the conversation to turn into an argument. Let them know how much their business means to you and try convincing them to take down the negative reviews.

Offer an incentive

This is particularly effective if you offer discounts or freebies to customers who post positive reviews about your product on third-party sites. Keep in mind that this strategy works best for local businesses because they can directly impact their clients’ experience with their business.

How Can I Keep my Online Reputation Clean?

Your online reputation can either make or break your business. How you respond to a crisis situation will impact how others perceive your company and brand.

An effective way to keep your online presence clean is to ensure that all of the content you’re putting out there represents who you are as a company. Make sure that you are setting yourself apart from your competitors by developing your own marketing messages and applying them to your social media profiles.

Why Do You Need Online Reputation Management Today?

The honest answer is that businesses that don’t have the best online presence will struggle to keep up in today’s business world. In fact, a study from BrightLocal found that 33% of people won’t ever return to a business if they have a bad experience on Yelp! This means that your company’s reputation can either help or hinder you from achieving success in the future.

So, if you’re wondering how to keep your online reputation clean and manage what people say about your business and brand, here are some things that you’ll need to do.

1) Set up an online presence with a Google+ Local Page

2) Create profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

3) Get reviews from customers and clients (both good and bad!)

4) Monitor the web for what people are saying about you online

5) Respond to positive and negative feedback quickly and efficiently

6) Build a relationship with your customers/clients that encourage them to share their experiences and opinions about your business and brand

Tips for good Online Reputation Management

Today more than ever, social media is important for your company’s reputation. With so many people turning to online reviews and ratings before they decide to do business with a new company, it can be hard to break through the noise without engaging on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Here are some tips that can help you manage your online.

Ensure that your profiles on social media sites are 100% complete and up to date

Include a link to your website and include keywords in your profile that describe what you do.Make sure that all of the content you’re posting is related to your business so people know what they are going to find.

Respond to all questions about your company in a timely fashion

Monitor what others are saying about your company online – do this by looking for customer complaints and areas where you can improve. You should also make sure that all of the negative things people are saying are addressed in a timely fashion.

Put together a team that can respond on your behalf when necessary

Use social listening tools to monitor what people are saying about your company online. Encourage customers to leave reviews of your business on Yelp, Google+, and other sites. This is an effective way to build up buzz around your brand.

The bottom line, treat anything you might post online like a tattoo. Will you like it five years from now? Would you want your mother to see it?