Why Hashtags are Important

Since the dawn of social media, hashtags have become an essential component, allowing users to follow trending conversations and connecting them with people around the world. They’re useful for virtually every social platform – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – pretty much anything that allows users to post.

When you add a #hashtag to your social media posts, such as a tweet, Instagram picture, or Facebook status update, you are “tagging” that post with a keyword or key phrase. This makes it easy for anyone to search for your business on these platforms because the #hashtags make everything more visible and easier to find.

What are Hashtags for?

The hashtag (#) transforms almost any phrase or set of words into a link that may be searched. When creating a hashtag, leave your punctuation and spacing at home – no punctuation, no spaces! Capitalization is the best way to keep your message clean; otherwise known as using CamelCase. Got it? Let’s keep going! There are two ways that businesses may take advantage of hashtags.

  1. To engage the in-crowd by starting a new conversation.
  2. To reach out to the out-crowd by joining an existing discussion

You Reach the Crowd with Hashtags

This method is all about getting people who aren’t familiar with your business or product to find you. If your goal is brand awareness, then this strategy will suit you fine. For example, one way of using hashtags effectively in order to reach more people is by simply posting on social. On all of your favorite social media sites, follow companies who are doing similar work to yours and see what they do.

what hashtags do they use?

How many? Remember that less is more. Narrower hashtags have a more engaged following and presentation too many hashtags appear phony. For example, this, “Take a bite out of our best burger today! #BurgerLover #Foodie #CheatMeal” is better than this, “Take a bite out of our best burger today! #WhatsForDinner #Foodie #EatClean #CommonTable #OnMyTable #TasteMade #ForkYea #OnTheTable #FoodStyling #BeautifulCuisines #HeresMyFood #TheArtOfSlowLiving #FreshFoods #CheatMeal #BurgerLover #Foodstagram #BurgerLife”. Don’t do this.

Check out Hashtag analytics 101 for Hashtag best practices and see how to create a hashtag for your business.

Not all social media sites are created equal.

It’s important to remember that hashtags aren’t a one-size-fits-all answer. The amount of hashtags that are acceptable on each platform varies. According to Facebook, Instagram posts with an average of nine hashtags receive the most engagement, while only one is required on Facebook. Because each social networking site has its own set of expectations and standards, make sure you know what they are before getting started.

Just like using #fakenews in a post will get your post downvoted on Reddit, don’t overdo it. The trick is to figure out how many hashtags work for each platform; the answer varies by social media site.

Be in the trend

Hashtags are a great way to reach out to people who might not otherwise find your business. You’re telling them, “this is what it all comes down to,” by putting a basic pound sign in front of a term. You can tell people what you want to want, whether it’s to be featured, show support for a cause, or simply make your voice heard.

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