Here at Crunchy Lemons, we understand that building a business is very difficult. While you may offer a fantastic service, clients don’t just show up knocking at your door 24/7. Businesses need help to be discovered, and most of that discovery is happening in online searches. We understand the buyer’s journey and have identified each step in the process that converts a Google Search into a new customer. 

Million Video Views

Happy Clients

First page SEO results

Million $ Revenue Generated in 2020



We are accountable to our clients, and welcome feedback. Regular reporting, transparent communication, and dedicated project managers ensure client needs are being met.


There’s no one silver bullet for business growth and marketing. In order to achieve the best results, multiple approaches should be taken, and efforts should be balanced across multiple channels and platforms. Furthermore, your business has many other needs besides marketing, so we help you balance your workload by prioritizing that area.


At our core, we are creative marketers. We understand analytics and reporting, but recognize that numbers only go so far. Taking the extra time to try new things, experiment with different ideas, and give time for creativity are what have helped so many of our clients to scale to new levels.


We are motivated by the success of our clients, and driven to consistently improve results. We understand you may not always have time for marketing, but can rest assured that we’re working hard behind the scenes.